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Women's Empowerment

The empowerment of women is essential in defining the way humans live and work together.  But, to many women, empowerment means using the kind of masculine energy that has been so prevalent in our culture:

  • hiding our emotions and our inherent compassion
  • fighting our way to the top
  • competing instead of collaborating
  • using fear and intimidation

 This kind of power feels false and aggressive to a woman.  It also feels false and aggressive to a horse.  Because of their inherent sensitivity and intuition, horses feel the slightest change in a woman's emotional field.  They respond better to internal power than they do to external force.


At EquusEmbrace, women learn that moving a 1,000 lb. horse takes very little physical strength.  But it does require confidence and intention, combined with clear, but compassionate direction.  These are traits that are more characteristic of women.  And more effective in the long run.


Equine-assisted empowerment coaching is available in individual sessions and group workshops.  No horse experience necessary; ground work only.


What clients have said of their experience:

“I learned amazing things about how I present myself to others and how to be more effective in relating to people.  Claudia knows just how to direct the process with patience, professionalism, and good humor. I highly recommend EquusEmbrace workshops for anyone who is looking for a fresh new perspective and inspiration in understanding themselves and the multi-dimensional world we live in!”


 “This is a chance to push your limits—to step out of your comfort zone and to be present.  A way to step out of your head and into your heart.”


 “It was a moment of complete joy and empowerment when the herd surrounded me.  It was magical and I will take it with me the rest of my life.”


 “It was the experience that allowed me to shift the way I perceive myself in relation to the world.  The biggest event of my life.”


  “The most insightful experience I have ever had.”

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