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The Horses

EquusEmbrace horses are chosen for their innate and unique Truth and their people skills.  We have been blessed to work with extraordinarily wise and gifted horses.   Here is a little about them:

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Bella  (1996—     )

Highly sensitive Shagya Arabian

Energetic and opinionated

Abhors incongruity

Best quote: “Oh come on, get real!”

Rainy  (1989—     )

Food focused, no-nonsense Morgan

What you see is what you get

Insists on humans being authentic

Best quote: “Yea, whatever...”

Ricky  (2001—     )

Power Broker Russian Arabian


Substantial presence

Best quote:  “Yea, you and what army?”

Tucker (1988—     )

Empathetic and Loving Arabian/Quarter Horse cross

Highly sensitive and insatiably curious

Wary and sometimes shy

Best quote: “You intrigue me, but can I trust you?”

Micah (2004—     )


Sensitive, always into everything

Loves interacting with humas

Best quote: “Oooo, what’s thant?...yikes, it’s moving!”

Honoring previous EquusEmbrace horses:

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Sunny  (1976—2008)

Uncommonly compassionate

Specialized in helping abuse victims (he could sense them coming)

Most frequent quote: “I’m here now; it’s going to be OK”

Learned much from Gus before he died

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Gus  (1982—2006)

Phenomenal wisdom teacher

Instrumental in showing people their potential and magnificence

Incredibly giving; always knew what and when to give

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Scarlett   (2003—     )

Fun loving National Show Horse

High energy

Loved to teach people how to play

Started new life as trail horse and brood mare in 2009